Saturday, July 15, 2017

Quick Update

Just a quick update - after our camping trip, Lindsey, Josh and the kids headed to Mobile for a few days.  Lindsey attended a conference and Josh and the kids explored a bit.  Josh went to college at South Alabama, so he is very familiar with the area and wanted to share it with the kids. They visited the Battleship, went on a marsh tour and visited a science museum.


They also have some special friends in Fairhope, and went to a splashpad there with them.

And just a little update on Beau!  He has grown so much, and is very much a part of the family now.  He's 7 months old, and his favorite things are chewing his deer antlers and playing with Levi!  

He also loves the top step of the pool!  He runs back and forth splashing, but so far hasn't ventured further into the water.  He will also jump on a float if you get to close the side.  

Next up, Maddie's soccer camp at UA, and we had so much fun that we've decided go head back to the beach for another summer adventure!!

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