Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fun With the Big Guy

Maddie, Lillian and I enjoyed a fun adventure with Breakfast with Santa.  Reed has been sick, so he stayed with Pop. Hopefully, he will be able to join us next year.

Maddie hopped right up on Santa's lap and sweetly asked for surprises for Christmas.  Lillian wanted no part of Santa or his promises of presents.

In addition to seeing Santa, there were several other fun activities.  First, the girls decorated a reindeer ornament.

This picture makes it look like Lillian got her face painted.  She lasted about .5 seconds after she felt the first stroke of paint.  

 This one loved it!!  She even went back for seconds after she wiped it off the first time!!

As we ate breakfast and enjoyed all the fun things to do, Maddie and I kept talking to Lillian about how sweet Santa was, and how fun it would be to talk to him.  To my amazement, she agreed to sit in his lap.  Well, I told the camera lady to be ready.  I had a feeling this was going to be a quick little meeting!!  She walked right up, sat down and actually smiled.  (The camera lady missed that!!)  Then, she turned toward the jolly old man, and let loose!!  The picture below was snapped right before the all out screams began!  However, Nana was thrilled we got the picture!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Caleb moved into his and Taylor's new house this past Friday night, and we invaded on Saturday!  They stayed up super late and got the Christmas tree up, and it was the perfect backdrop for a little photo shoot!

We were all dressed up for Breakfast with Santa.  Both little ones have been sick this week, but with the help of lots of medicine, they all had a great time.  Reed stayed at Uncle C's with Pop while the girls and I headed to the event. Lindsey went to a shower for Taylor that I so hated to miss!

This picture of Uncle C and Lillian melts my heart.  She's a great helper!!

These pictures were taken at their house before we headed back to Tuscaloosa for Breakfast with Santa. Pop and I had gone down to take care of the two sick little ones for a couple of days.  Reed's not crawling yet, but he can roll with the best of them!!  He had lots of fun exploring under the tree.

Surely that's not a pine needle on that sweet boy's face!!  Those eyes just keep getting bluer!!

 Maddie and I spent quite a bit of time building a house with Lincoln logs!  The next morning the mischievous elf, Tinker had crashed into our house!!
 A little photo shoot before school with this cutie! She is growing up way too fast!!  I am also very sad to say that this angel now has the flu!! What next??

Next up, Breakfast with Santa!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Church Memories

Way back in the summer, Reed said that he would like to find a tree and decorate it on the lawn of our church.  I am very happy to say that it proved to be one of his best ideas.  Reed and Willie cut the tree and placed it on the church lawn.  Jennie bought beautiful lights, and Reed and Willie added those.  Our congregation gathered together for a soup supper followed by singing carols and the lighting of the tree.  It was a special night that we all enjoyed so much!

Two of the hardest working men I know!

I think this is something that our church members and the entire town can enjoy!

 I truly hope this becomes a yearly tradition!

Several wonderful ladies from our church hosted a shower for Caleb and Taylor.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  They were blessed with many, many beautiful gifts!

Each one of these ladies has blessed my life in so many ways over the years.  I am so thankful that they thought of Caleb and Taylor during this special time.

Precious couple!  Once again, I can't wait until January 31! 

Caleb, Taylor, her mom Tammy and grandmother (Her other grandmother had left.)

The sweet couple and hostesses

Taylor and her mom

Love, love, love these two!!

Sweet memories!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Twenty Four

Lindsey was four and Caleb was one when we began making our candy houses.  To me, the Christmas season doesn't begin until the houses are made!  This year Maddie and I bought all the candy in town.  We gathered our boxes, cleaned off the table, piled it high with candy, and the fun began!! 

Lots of hard work goes into the construction of these masterpieces!!!  Reed insists that all of our houses be structurally sound!!  But as the pictures show, Maddie and Lillian's fun came from doing just a little snacking along the way!!
 We were so proud of Lindsey this year!!  She has always made what she calls classy, pristine houses.  What that means is that in the past, she finished in about 30 minutes.  Well, this year she out did herself!! 

Maddie did an awesome job all by herself.  Her house had windows, and she made a cute tree to go inside the house!  Precious!  She also ate her share of icing!

Little Bit enjoyed her share of icing, too!

I can't wait for this little angel to join in the fun!!

Caleb has always taken his house building very seriously!!  And, I am so happy to say that Taylor hangs right in their with him.  She even brought a bag with her own goodies for her house!!

Taylor's cobblestone house

Mine, Lillian, Josh, and Taylor  (We have had lots of "goofs"  over the years.  This year Josh took the prize.  I laugh every time I walk by it.  See if you can find the "boo boo"!  )

Uncle C's church - complete with stain glass windows

Lindsey's train with Maddie's house in the background

Reed's nativity scene

And the finished products all together!

Lots and lots of memories have been made over the years making these each year!  It's even more fun now with Maddie and Lillian.  I told Maddie she could be the judge of the winner.  She said they were all good, but Uncle C's church and her mom's train were really, really good.  Then she sweetly said, "But I think I won Nana."  Nana thinks so, too!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our Sweet Girls

Allison and Jessi stayed with the girls one afternoon while Virginia and I put the tree up for church.  Allison took my camera and took some absolutely precious pictures of the girls. She has actually taken some of my all time favorite pictures of them over the years.  Reed and his parents had not made it to the house yet, so he missed out on this little photo shoot.

Lots of pictures, but I just couldn't leave any of them out!  Their smiles just melt my heart!

Grace and Anna also visited us the same afternoon!  Double the fun!!

And just because I can't stand the thought of leaving sweet Reed out of this post, this picture was taken at his daycare.  Cutest Indian around!

Next up, our 24th year of making candy houses!!