Sunday, May 1, 2016

First Swim

When Lindsey and Caleb  were little, they began swimming every year in March.  Now that I look back on those years, we must have been absolutely crazy!  The water is still FREEZING!!  Maddie jumped right in, Lillian gently waded in, and Reed barreled in with his shoes on!  We are going to have to watch him closely!  He has absolutely no fear!  They didn't stay in long, and Maddie admitted afterwards that it was just a tad cold!  I have to confess that I have actually gotten in  twice since that day. Once my body went numb, it wasn't half bad!!  I am hoping these 80 degree days will warm it up pretty quickly!

I am really hoping that this one will learn to swim this year.  She wasn't too interested last year!

I did not plan on him getting in, but he had other ideas!  He was in before I could get his shoes off!

This one is part fish!

I am predicting a really awesome summer!

Two peas in a pod!

Only a small fraction of what we do on their visits actually makes it to the blog.  We spend lots of time with Papa.  Feeding his fish and playing with his new chicks are tops on our list.  We also enjoy visits with Uncle C and Aunt Taylor. Playing tick tac toe and checkers are also pretty exciting! Then there are the little things we enjoy -  playing with toys, watching tv, helping me cook, riding the Polaris, bathtime and the list goes on and on! I treasure these visits!  They are growing up so quickly!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Little Fishing Trip

Just getting everything ready to fish with 3 little ones takes quite a bit of work.  By the time we fixed lots and lots of snacks and lunch, gathered all the stuff, went to get minnows and loaded up the boat, we were pretty worn out.  Then, we discovered the trolling motor had decided to take the day off!  That meant we didn't get to go very far in the pond! We were also on a tight schedule, because the girls and I were going to see Junie B. Jones in Tuscaloosa.  Lots of fun and lots of memories!!

Her life jacket didn't make it to the pond.  Luckily, Pop had this one that was only about 10 sizes too big!

That's some serious fishing!

This one loved it!  She actually caught the only fish!  But, Nana let it get off her hook, as I was trying to get it in the boat.  Pop and I think the next time they come, he's just going to take her by herself.  She really enjoyed herself!!

There's some really neat things happening in the minnow bucket!!

Not sure what this meltdown was about!!

But trust me, all it usually takes is a snack to put that smile right back on his cute little face!

Who cares about the fish in the pond?  The real action is still in the minnow bucket!  I'm pretty sure they touched every minnow!

I think she still loves me, even though I let her fish get away!

Snack time!

On to the next adventure!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Garden Time

Pop has a small container garden at the house, in addition to his regular garden.  He got a lot of great help planting this weekend.  Peppers, tomatoes and squash have never been loved on quite like these.  I know they will be extra tasty!

Given the opportunity, this one could bring about world peace.  She is a sweetie!

This one has been helping Pop garden for quite a while now!  

And Reed got to experience gardening with Pop for the first time!  I don't think there's anything better than playing in the dirt to an almost 2 year old!

Going to be the best tomatoes ever!!!

So what if the shovel is bigger than you?

These two are tight!!

Everyone got in on the action!  We even got out the beach shovels for a little extra reinforcement!

The girls moved on to other more exciting things! 

But this one put on his hat and continued to dig right in!!

Next up-an entertaining little fishing trip!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Game Ball

Pop wasn't able to go with me to the tournament this weekend. But, he was able to go with me for their weekday game.  We loaded up and drove 3 1/2 hours there, watched a great game, and then drove back home!

A little pregame sidewalk chalk fun!  Reed's hat game is on point!

This looks a lot like love!

"Hey Pop, let me help you with your hat!"

I'm not sure how we occupied children before cell phones!

And back to the ballgame!  This hit was a double!  That's a one dollar hit!!

But this was a two dollar hit!! Homerun!!

Playing 2nd and showing good sportsmanship!

And she was presented the game ball!!  Way to go!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Maddie's 8U softball team recently competed in an eleven team tournament.    They had to win 3 games to make it to the championship game.  Three of the four games were back to back to back!  (I'm going to take the high road on not comment on the most home team friendly bracket I've encountered!)  We arrived at the ballpark late morning and left 12 hours later!!  I'm happy to say that when we left, her team were undisputed champs!!  Their margins of victories ranged from 12 to 17 points!!  Lots of fun and lots of memories!!  Lindsey packed lots and lots of snacks, and we all pitched in and entertained the little ones!!  They were quite the troopers!  Lillian took a little nap, but Reed was full force all day long!!  After the first game, several of the families went to a local restaurant on the lake!

Prior to game one, everyone got a little snack! If you can keep them fed, you can keep them happy!

Game one-Forgive me,  but I'm going to brag!  This one has gotten her hitting figured out! I'm afraid I'm going to need a loan, since I'm paying a dollar per hit!  Her only out was actually her best hit of the day!  The third baseman made a great catch on a line drive down third!

More snacks for the little ones!  I swear I don't know how they afford to feed these two!

And back to the game! Another hit!  And another score!

Centerfield is wrapped up tight!

Fun in the wagon!  Also, Lillian is not sleeping!  She likes to take my phone, and slip and watch youtube.  We have both  gotten in trouble for that from time to time!

Game one is in the books!  We headed to eat at a nice little restaurant on the lake! Then we came back and hung out awhile!  Did I mention there was a three hour wait before they played the next 3 games back to back to back?

The restaurant had lots of fun games to occupy the little ones!

Game 2-More hits, more runs and more fun! And another big win!

And more snacks and a little nap!!

Game 3 -  This little one was getting tired, but she still played like a champ!!

And these two continued snacking and playing!

Another win in the books!  I'm not sure what secret Lillian was sharing with her dad!

Game 4- For some reason, I don't have many pictures of this game!  Trust me, it was a good one!!  12 hours and 11 teams later, they were crowned champs!!

All it took was a shiny medal to make this long day totally worthwhile!!  They have two more tournaments in addition to their regular games!  Whew! Let me also say that I really like her coaches.  I think I like them so much, because they coach like her Pop!

One of Maddie's coaches is the stepdad of a very special player on the team.  She was involved in a tragic auto accident in December.  In spite of a broken leg, TBI, other injuries,  and an extended hospital stay, she is playing catcher and an awesome batter!  She is truly a miracle, and I am honored that Maddie is able to be on the team with her! Below is her sign that hung on the dugout!

Play Ball!! After this tournament, they are 9-0!