Thursday, July 12, 2018

This and That

I am leaving for Washington, DC for several days, and wanted to do a quick catch up.  Blogging has been slow this summer!

We've spent lots of time in the pool trying to beat the heat!  This one is now a swimmer! 

This one is part fish!!

This sweet thing is growing like a weed!  Isn't he precious?

He's already the life of the party at 4 months!

We've had lots of fun river trips!

Maddie caught on to skiing very quickly!  We are trying to convince Lillian to try.  No luck so far!

All smiles!!

Another fun playground visit! It won't be long until John Sawyer can join us!


I'm determined to do a 4th of July recap, but we enjoyed watching the fireworks show from the river with sweet friends.

These two still have it!  They couldn't hang for quite as long as they use to, but we were still quite impressed!

And this pond is several fish lighter thanks to this cutie!!

Much more coming soon!!

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Softball Round-Up

What a season!  Lillian's first year of softball could not have gone any better.  Her team won their local league, and the All Star team finished runner up in the state tournament.  Watching her learn and grow as a player was so much fun!  Softball is such an awesome team sport, and I am so grateful that she had such a successful season!

She's little, but determined  and loves the game. I am going to share just a few of my favorite things about softball and this season!

She got to share this experience with a special "old" friend.

And she got to make lots of new friends!

She learned to throw, catch and think fast on her feet!

I love that even in the midst of a very  big game, she would still give us a little wave before she went to bat!

Batter! Batter! Batter! I am going to brag just a little-she's a really good little hitter!

Eye on the ball!

Rounding home!

Celebrating the end of a very successful season!  All smiles!

What a team!

We are so thankful she was able to experience this!

It's all about the bling!

It was a great regular season and an even better All Star Season!  I can't wait until next year!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Camping at the Beach

I truly like camping much more than I ever imagined, but our Maddie, Lillian and Reed love it!!! We stay at the Gulf State Park.  The bike trails, pool and other accommodations make it the perfect place for the kids.

I've taken this picture in the spot for the last three years.  If I was on top of my game, I would add the other two to show how much they've grown!

I just can't imagine anything better than time on the beach!  Even when the water is almost solid algae, there is no place I'd rather be!! Lillian loved it this year!

Pop helped her practice for All Stars!

Come on Pop!

All you need is sand for the best adventures!


Cutest sand bunny ever!

Crab hunting was a success!

Bike riding is so much fun around the campground.

Until next time!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Three Months

John Sawyer is such a joy!  Sweet, sweet boy!  He is smiling, almost laughing, gooing at you, playing with his hands and feet, loves his mama and daddy, and he's starting to play with his toys.  Mostly he loves to snuggle and wiggle his way into your heart! I am sharing a few pictures from our special day this week.  Todd keeps him one day a week, and I keep him another day.  I treasure these days.  He is growing and changing every day! I need to be honest-It's a rare day that Pop and I don't stop by for at least a short visit.

I didn't quite get this great big grin that he gave his Pop!!  Pop also helps out on my day when possible.

Just precious!

 We enjoy naps, snuggles, watching Levi, stroller rides, singing songs, and more!  He is growing up so fast!  Time slow down!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It's a Pirates Life

Reed turned 4 while we were at the beach, so we planned what we think was a perfect adventure-a ride on a pirates ship! I highly recommend this trip.  It could not have been more fun and entertaining-from multiple on ship adventures, to dolphin sightings, and water gun wars with a neighboring boat-there was something for all of us!

Without a doubt, the cutest pirate I have ever seen!

After being recognized by the Captain, the first mate tied him up and the entire boat sang "Happy Birthday" to him!  Super sweet!

I have to be honest........this sweet girl was almost too old for this adventure!  But, she journeyed through and had a great time.  Water guns make everything better! Also, notice the tattoos that were added to all the little Pirates.

The Captain needed just a little help manning the boat!

The gang's all here!  I think the Captain could easily be a Pirate in real life.

The birthday boy and his sweet sisters. The water was a little rough this day, so we didn't venture too far out that way.

This little Pirate had a ball!

Pop also got caught in a few water battles while on board.

This one LOVES his mama!

Following our ride on the Pirate ship, we headed to a nearby restaurant.  We all enjoyed Reed's Pirate cake.  No trip is complete without a visit to the souvenir shop!  This bandanna and a snazzy sword were part of his treats!

Josh, Lindsey and the kids loaded up after this and headed to Dauphin Island for a few days.  It's safe to say that they made lots of lifetime memories.  Lindsey shared these gorgeous pictures!

Next up, a precious three month old and our camping adventures!