Sunday, September 25, 2016

You Go Girl!

We started down a new path with a new adventure this weekend, and it proved to be quite rewarding!  Maddie does all the practice and work, and the rest of the gang gets to sit back and enjoy the show!  This was her first competitive gymnastics meet.  Her team actually competed earlier in the month, but she was at Disney World. She was just a little nervous, but she did an awesome job!  I must also say that I so enjoy watching her.  It does bring back lots and lots of memories.  Gymnastics was a very big part of our life when Lindsey was growing up!

Just a little pre-meet photo op!  Waiting on the fun to begin!

Stretching and getting ready, while we nervously wait the start!  Maddie's team was MUCH smaller than the other teams.  But, each girl is very good!  

Their first event was the beam, which is a pretty tough place to start.  She rocked it though!!

Sister is taking it all in! She's going to an awesome gymnast, too!

And this little hot mess is just that!!  Never ever a dull moment!! His shirt says, "I don't have a life because my sisters are gymnasts."  Lots of truth in that!

Floor routine-This was right in front of us, and I was so caught up in her routine that I forgot to take pictures!

Vault-Loved this!

And then she wrapped things up on the bars!  Great job!

I'm going to be honest here-There were so many girls competing that I truly didn't know if she would receive any medals or not!  However, she ended up with four medals and was 5th overall out of lots and lots of girls!!  We could not have been prouder! Don't misunderstand-I would have been just as happy if she didn't place at all, as long as she was happy and having fun!  Medals make it even sweeter though!!




The Team and their medals!

Overall winners!

 Receiving the banner for third place in team competition

The journey is even sweeter when you have sweet friends to share it with!!

Officially, she was 2nd on vault, 7th on beam, 6th on floor and 5th overall.  Unofficially, she was just awesome!  And because we hadn't enough fun for one day, we headed to the zoo after the meet.  More on that next!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Reed and I were able to spend a recent morning together at the Tuscaloosa Barnyard. We both had a great time.  We were actually the only two there, until right before it was time for us to leave.  He touched almost every animal there!  He was able to feed the goats, rabbits, pigs and horse!  He even fed a bottle to a little, squealing pig!!


Yummy!  He loved this, and I'm pretty sure the pig did, too!

We are all about a playground!  If there is one anywhere close, we will find it!  I think he would have been happy just hanging out here!

 The only thing cuter than a sweet baby bunny is a bright blue-eyed little boy!!

Well, hello there old friend!

I'm not sure if this sweet goat was trying to give Reed a little kiss, of if he was going to nibble on his ear a little bit!! Either way, Reed didn't seem to mind!

Hey there little chick!!

This little goat Dorito and his buddy Blondie followed us everywhere we went!!

And this picture has nothing to do with the Barnyard, but it just may be my all time favorite picture ever!  This was our Grandparent's Day present.  I just love it!!!  Needless to say, I have already ordered a big one that will hang for years to come!!

We are venturing to Maddie's first competitive gymnastics meet this weekend!  We are super excited about that!  More to come!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Where Dreams Come True

This post is loaded with pictures because I wanted to capture as much as I possibly could of Josh, Lindsey, Maddie and Lillian's trip to Disney.  It truly was a magical experience!  Lindsey is the organizational queen, and she had worked for months planning every day of this trip!  They were able to enjoy character meals, bippity-boppity boutique, brunch with Mickey and Minnie, and so much more!! One of the highlights was getting autographs from all the characters!  The girls (and their parents) will remember this forever!!  I am sad to say that Nana doesn't know her princesses like she should, and I am not sure where some of these events took place.  I am going to give it a shot though!

Olaf, Minnie, Donald and Mickey were all on hand!!

Hugs and autographs from Minnie and Mickey!

Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom-all smiles!!


Tiana, Cinderella, and some other sweet princess!!

Ariel and Gaston!  I think Maddie was a little smitten!!

Tired but still all smiles!
 More fun at Animal Kingdom!

I love the Tree of Life!

Anna and Elsa!

A little of this and a little of that!!

And this is my favorite!  Bippity-Boppity Boutique!  Josh and Lindsey didn't tell the girls  about this until right before they went.  What could be more fun than picking out your very own princess dress, and getting make up and your hair done by your very own fairy godmother?

Love this sweet princess!  I especially love that you can see that snaggle tooth!

This one is all about anything to do with a princess!!!  She was made for this!! 

Love that smile!!

All dressed up!  I have to admit that I was surprised they picked Belle.  They get to keep all of their costume!

They hit the park all dressed up, but it didn't last long!  Shortly after this, they changed and headed to Splash Mountain!

And just a few more shots in case I missed something!

I think it's safe to say they made memories that will last a lifetime!!