Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sweet Summertime!

Just a quick update complete with Iphone photos only!  Summer is in full swing here these days!  We have been having a ball with the babies this week.  Lots of swimming and playing have been the highlight of our days.  They are headed home tomorrow, but I am happy to say that they will all be back next week.  I treasure these visits!  Every time the leave, we anxiously await the next visit!

Reed took a little spin around the parking lot at Durbin Farms when we met to get them. 

Lillian and the guys were having a serious conversation here! While riding through town one day this week, she sweetly said, "I bet God was really tired after making all these trees."  I told her that I thought God did a really good job.  She then said, "He did a really good job on these houses, too."  She is too sweet!

Uncle C and Aunt Taylor have been on a cruise, so we watered their new grass each day.  The kids had a ball in the sprinkler!

Look close and you will see Catherine and Wade's precious dog, Allie!  The kids LOVE when she is out!  

This little one has no fear!!  He loves the water!  Lillian is starting to branch out a little and take her swimmies off some, and Maddie is diving!

Popsicles with Cathy's kids are always a hit!

Fun with Friends!

More on our visit later!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Moving On!

After 4 months of practice and almost 30 games, this season is OVER!!  Don't get me wrong, we love watching her play, but we are all ready to move on and enjoy summer!  We have a visit planned for the end of the week, and I think we are all looking forward to it.  There will be homemade ice cream, friends over, swimming, riding the ranger, fishing, go cart rides and more!  But there will be no more softball!!!!  My hat's off to those that do this or any sport year round!  I honestly don't know how they do it!!

Ready to play!  Check out Minnie and Daisy!  They have happily relocated to the east side of the state, and are doing great!

Back to the game(s)!  While she's playing on the field, there is lots going on over on the sidelines, too!

I really am going to miss watching her play!

I think these two are going to miss it, too!!  Reed and Lillian have been quite the troopers this season.  I am super proud of them!

Back to the action!

Not much action here!

After this little snooze, Josh wasn't sure if he actually went to sleep.  I was happy to assure him that he indeed did!  I'm telling you though, ten or more hours at a ball park will do that to you!

More snoozing!

And more action on the field!

She's rocking that snaggle tooth right now, and I love it!

Toys and tons of snacks help the time pass!

The occasional tickle helps, too!

There's also lots of serious conversations!

And more snacks!

Mom and Dad get creative changing diapers!

Back to the game!

This blue eyed wonder makes every day and every adventure just a little more fun!
 They love hanging out with Pop!
Rounding the bases one more time!

Before heading home, Reed opened a few birthday presents from Nana and Pop.  He's going to have a zoo trip for his birthday soon!

The next morning, Caleb and Taylor brought breakfast down for Father's Day before they headed off for a cruise!!  Fun!!

Moving on to new adventures!

Thursday, June 16, 2016


In the span of a lifetime, two years in really just a blink of the eye.  However, two years in the life of a grandson is monumental!  We really can't remember what life was like before this independent, blue-eyed wonder entered our lives.  He's adventurous, inquisitive, energetic and just plain awesome!

First, a flashback to his first birthday!  Wow, how he has grown!

These two guys are buddies!!

There's never, ever a dull moment with this one!!

Those blue eyes are going to break hearts one day!

Nana and Pop love you today and everyday!! (Very, very much!)

Happy Birthday!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

What a Week!

Pop and I had a ball with the kids for I think six days.  Pop and I agreed that we were going to keep things low key and not plan too many activities for this visit.  But that didn't mean we didn't have lots and lots of fun!!  Bible School, swimming, cousins and friends made this a week to remember!! Also, Lindsey had quite way too much excitement as she tried to return form Dallas. You never want to fly out of an airport on the day of a shooting at the airport! She actually arrived at the airport moments after it happened. After several hours and seven flight changes, she was able to fly home!

Uncle C and Aunt Taylor came to visit!  The kids always love doing the airplane with Uncle C.  Aunt Tay did it too, but I wasn't sure she'd appreciate me putting the "back" view of her picture on the blog!

Daisy and her momma Minny are now happily at home in Alex City.  

This little one is quite the fish!!

It's always fun to have friends come visit!

Our very own "chicken whisperer"!!  Papa's chickens were a big hit!

 Reed, Levi and I took lots of rides around the neighborhood while the girls were at Bible school!

 Another friend and lots of fun swimming!

Somebody had too much fun!!

Cousin Day!!

We began each day with Bible School.  Both girls loved it and learned so much!

Scooba Steve was a big hit with Lillian's class!

Opening morning program!

We were so proud of Lillian!  She sang and sang at the closing program!

Maddie enjoyed watching little sis in the program!

 Maddie did an awesome job also!

Another great visit is in the books, and we are already looking forward to the next one!