Friday, January 13, 2017


On the way back to Alex City, the girls and I stopped at Upsurge for a little fun, while Pop and Reed hung out at Chic Fil A.  Even though this place is wall to wall trampolines, the girls spent most of the time playing in the obstacle course area.  They are big Ninja Warrior fans, so this was lots and lots of fun for them.  They also spent lots of time climbing the retainer wall around the trampolines.  One of the kind workers sweetly told them they couldn't do that.  (He didn't tell them until about their 50th time to make it to the top, though!)  Maddie said she had lots of fun and wanted to come back, but that it sure was a long hour!  There are lots of pictures, because we had lots of fun!

Checking out the trampolines!

Lillian hung in with Maddie quite nicely! 

Climbing, jumping, swinging, leaping and more!

This big girl is growing up!

And so is this one! I was so proud of her!  She loved doing everything!

I think Maddie came away with a new respect for those Ninja Warriors!

This is where they are not suppose to be!  Oops!

Back to the obstacle course.  They just couldn't stay away!

Every now and then, they would run and jump on the trampolines, and then zip off somewhere else!

We will definitely be back!  I would love to say that we had a great trip home, but it quickly went downhill.  Lillian has been prone to getting carsick all of her life.  It had been several months since she had gotten sick, so we thought she might have outgrown it!  I am sad to say this is not the case.  WORSE case ever!! We travel with all the clean up supplies needed, so we cleaned her and the car up and journeyed on!  They are really good travelers, so this was really just a little speed bump on the way!! And, we are actually on the way back to get them this afternoon.  More adventures are on the horizon!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Hanging Out!

Now, back to our visit with the kiddos! Hanging out in the neighborhood is another thing these three enjoy.  I think this was the first time Pop let them venture up the hill on the tractors!!

How fun is this? This hill has been the source of 30 years of fun for us! 

Howdy ya'll!

Aunt Tay and Maddie enjoyed a run one day.  The next morning Maddie was pretty sore!  They ran over a mile!

They love having Uncle C and Aunt Tay in the neighborhood.  They got to run back to our house a couple of times!

They enjoyed Children's Minute at church!

These are my favorite times!  So sweet!  These two play great together!

One of the highlights of this trip was burning the big brush pile at Uncle C's. Pop and Uncle C have been waiting for some time for the burn ban to be lifted!  Finally, it rained and the fun began!

Looking for sticks to add to the pile!

This girl is a great worker!  She picked up sticks bigger than her!

Up in flames!


Working hard!

Let's just say that this cutie was a "supervisor"! She didn't like getting her hands dirty!

This yard project has been going on way too long!!  I know they will be glad to be finished!

Well hello fire pit!

Watching the fire!

Love this bunch!

Next up- a little fun at Upsurge before we headed east!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Let It Snow

We anxiously awaited the big prediction of  up to 3 inches of snow. And while I am sad to say we received much less than that, we did get to enjoy watching it fall for a short time! There's nothing like a blanket of fresh white snow on the ground!  The peaceful, quiet freshness of a snowy day just can't be beat!  I think I need to move to Maine, because I think I would love to be blanketed in snow for the entire winter!  My only regret is that the babies weren't here to enjoy it.  I am sad to say that they didn't get any there!

Reed and I rode down to check on things.  There wasn't much snow, but it was still beautiful!


Uncle C and Aunt Taylor's 

The rooftop was covered!  (And that Christmas wreath will be down Monday!)

I took these out my back door!  The bird feeders were a big hit!

This poor azalea is confused! 

Bless it!

Gus checked everything out!

Hello snow! This was a pretty good covering!

I hope I never outgrow the excitement of looking out the window and watching the snow fall! I'm also holding out for the big one!  I'm sure it's coming!