Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Birthday Boy

Three!!  We officially have a big  boy now!  He loves tractors, big trucks, riding the gator and tractor, and all things that go vroom!  His smile will brighten the darkest of days, and his blue eyes twinkle with mischief!  We are all wrapped tightly around his finger, and he knows it! He may be the baby, but he pretty much rules his big sisters! He was the perfect caboose to his precious family, and we just can't imagine life without him!

We enjoyed a cowboy birthday party, complete with cupcakes his mom made, presents, hamburgers, hotdogs and more!

Blowing out his candles was serious, but fun business!  Love, love, love that sweet smile!!

It took him just a day to master riding his bicycle!  The sisters are always close by to help him out!

"No, Nana.  I will not look at you, so you can take my picture!"

He thinks his mom is pretty special!

Sweet family! Our babies are now three, five and eight.  It seems impossible that they are growing up so fast!!

Next, we loaded up and headed to the rodeo!  Fun times!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Happy Father's Day

To the world you are a dad; to our family you are the world! 

Happy Father's day to my sweet hubby, Papa, Josh!  Our family has been blessed with strong fathers who are loving, hardworking, supportive, humble, kind and just plain awesome!!! This was suppose to be a quick post, but as I was looking back through pictures to add, the time quickly slipped by....We have so many memories as a family, and I am so thankful for each! 

Pop and his babies!

And the best son in law ever!

Papa has provided a firm foundation for our family.

Best Father ever!!

Lindsey and Caleb have always had a great relationship with Papa!

This one has been a daddy's girl since day one.  He is still wrapped tightly around her finger!!

Josh was born to be a dad! 

Happy Father's Day!!
Next up, a special three year old's birthday!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Smores and More!

After a day filled with Bible School, swimming lessons and swimming here, we treated ourselves with delicious smores! 

They were quite yummy!!  Reed was a little unsure at first, but he joined in the fun before too long!

Maddie has got this down pat!!

And so does little sis!

After some help from his sisters, Reed joined in the fun!

These babies make me smile!!

If I had a dime for every time I counted to see how long her mother could stay up, I'd be a very rich woman!!  Now, Maddie has started!  She's part fish!

For 25 years now, Mrs. Cathy has brought her "big kids" to swim.  Our days would not be the same without them!  I love that they are getting to know the children of childhood friends of Lindsey!  Reece and Lillian quickly became buddies!

Walt is precious!!

No swim is complete without popsicles!!

Beau tried is best to get a little taste!

One of these little fellow's dads graduated with Lindsey and the other's mom was a very special friend!

Yummy!!  Perfect summer day!!

More fun-ice cream and more popsicles!

Helping little sis try out the goggles!

Riding the Ranger while the girls were at Bible School.

And I'm a firm believer that everyone needs a little hammock time in their life!!

The girls had an awesome time at Bible School!

Pop and I are exhausted after their visits, but we love every second they are here.  We also miss them like crazy when they leave!  We are headed east this weekend for a very special birthday!  Reed is turning three!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Swimming Lessons

We had a very busy, but fun week with Bible School and swimming lessons.  We were on the go constantly, but made lots of memories.  Lillian promised she'd learn to swim when she turned 5, and I am happy to say that she is well on her way.  I think Mel is pretty awesome!  She makes the journey from Fairhope one week each year and works her magic!!  The parents and grandparents come on the last day to see all that they have learned!  So fun!!

Bucket head, bucket head, Lillian is a bucket head!  It seems like yesterday that Maddie was doing this.  We also played bucket head in the bathroom each night!

That smile will move mountains one day!! Putting her face in the water is a monumental improvement!!  I firmly believe that once you master this, you are well on your way to swimming!

She actually kept her face in the water for 5 seconds!  We were thrilled, but she briefly cried!! 


Sweet, sweet group and an awesome teacher!

Next up - Maddie's group!  These are all very good swimmers, but they worked on strokes and diving primarily.

Free time on the diving board!

And she's off!

Watching Big Sis!


These two became friends at Bible School, and we were thrilled that were also together at swimming lessons.  Tatelyn's mother and grandmother are two of my favorites, so I hope this friendship will just keep growing!  We plan on getting these two back together as soon as possible!

Mrs. Marie's dog Lucy was a big hit!!

What an awesome week!  Thanks Mel!!