Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter at Aunt Sandra's

Caleb and I rode up together, and as we turned down the dirt road, we discussed how not many people get to experience this type of living anymore.  We are blessed!  Also, if you don't have a sister-in-law who is a professional caterer, I recommend that you look into that! After every family gathering, I always say that we should do this more often!  Nothing can ever replace priceless family memories. We began with a delicious lunch, and then the fun moved outside!

We didn't have an egg hunt, but we did have bubbles!

And we had lots of  great conversations in the yard and on the porch, complete with pixie sticks!

The go cart was lots of fun! Cade and Josey  managed to find the mud!  Anna and Paisley had a fun ride, too!

The annual ballgame is quite entertaining and competitive!!  It was hard to tell who was on what team at times.  The outfield seemed to change with each inning!!

The big kids have just as much fun as the little ones! 

Taylor is offering encouragement to Mr. Competition himself!  After several months behind a desk, he got quite the workout!!

Fun was had by all!  I am not quite sure if an actual winner was ever declared!  They basically played until they were all exhausted! I hate I didn't have more pictures of Lee.  He was quite entertaining in the bushes and trees!

Aren't they cute!!

The day ended with a tasty meal quite different from the wonderful lunch we had!  We wrapped things up with a crawfish boil!  Uncle Reed had lots of help getting ready to cook!  

 This was a new adventure for some.  Others were professionals!!  I enjoyed leftovers from lunch!!

I can't wait until next year!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Morning

Pictures in front of the azaleas on the way to church is a long standing tradition in our family.  And it is one that comes with challenges! 

The first challenge actually came from my azaleas themselves.  Sometime during the winter, Reed mutilated  cut them back. The picture of the one below is actually lots better than the ones beside it.  They are now twigs.  Bless them.  We had to venture out a little farther in the yard than usual.

These two are always up to something during picture time!!

Finally! Love these two stinkers!!

Reed and I behaved quite nicely!!

Caleb and I also have our moments, too!

He may be grown, but he will always be my baby!

The flowering of the cross has become one of my favorite Easter traditions.  After enjoying a beautiful Cantata at church, we headed to Aunt Sandra's for an absolutely perfect afternoon! More on that next!

I also want to give an update on Maddie.  After several days of recovery, she is slowly getting better.  I don't care what anyone says-getting your tonsils out is tough!!

Pop and I went down to keep them some during Maddie's recovery, and I forgot my camera!  There were actually not many photo ops!  There were lots of ice cream and even more hugs!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Boo Boo

  The last time the girls visited, we dyed eggs and had an Easter Egg hunt.  Somehow, someway those pictures disappeared into cyber oblivion.  I am not sure what happened, but trust me they were precious!!!  Oh well!  I decided I'd do a flash back from last year's Easter and year.  I got a little more than I bargained for while looking through those.   You don't realize how much life can change in a year sometimes until you see it in photos.  We've all aged, and there have been many life altering changes to our family. God's purpose is evident everywhere!

Pop and I are headed out today to keep Maddie as she continues to recover from having her tonsils out!

This cutie was just about to wrap things up at the University of Alabama this time last year.  Now, he's a hot-shot professional!! How in the world did that happen??

This little one was just beginning her esteemed ball career.  Now, she's a pro! Their precious family has changed a lot over the last year, too!  They will soon be a family of five!!

Lillian has grown like a weed over the last year!  Grandmother is surely smiling down on her and all her "babies".

Dying eggs last year was lots of fun.  One thing didn't change-Papa helped us again this year!

We enjoy Easter at Aunt Sandra's every year.  I had forgotten that we were at the cabin last year! 

Flowering of the cross at church-beautiful!!

I  get lots of comments (good and bad) about taking pictures, but that's ok.  I love seeing how my family grows and changes.  We have lots of sweet memories that I am quite certain I wouldn't remember if not for pictures. And I don't want to forget a thing!  Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Little Bit

While Princess Maddie was having her special day with her friends, Lillian and I stayed at her house and had lots of fun, too! 

Special T-shirts, manicures and pedicures, inflatables at Frog Legs, and lunch at Chick-fil-A made for a very special finale to Maddie's birthday week!

Sweet puppy Max is going to think his name is "No Max", "Stay Max", or "Down Max".  Lillian says each of these to him quite often.  She is slowly warming up to him.  They had lots of fun playing with sticks and exploring the yard.

She also took a little time out for a drive and a little yard work!

Swinging, jumping on the trampoline, and blowing bubbles were also on our list of things to do!  We also made a trip to the park, but Nana forgot her camera.

 As soon as Lindsey and Josh returned from the birthday adventure, Lindsey headed to her high school's prom, to help one of her special students.
Excuse the shadows on the next two pictures, please!


Here is her 7 month baby bump.  Baby Reed is growing quite nicely.  We can't wait until his arrival!

We are headed back later this week to help with Maddie.  She will have her tonsils out this week.  I hate that we are going back for that reason, but we can't wait to see them again!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Let's Party

We rushed home from the ballpark to find people waiting to help celebrate Maddie's birthday.  She is actually having a week of birthday celebrations.  Saturday was her family birthday, and she had a party at school Monday.  Next Saturday, Lindsey is taking Maddie and two of her special friends for a spa day and a day of fun!! I am a strong believer in "Birthday Weeks".  There is way too much to celebrate to do it in just one day!!  On the way from the park, Maddie said she wanted to change into a pretty dress for her birthday party, but there was no time for that!!

Maddie's fan club sporting our shirts!  I can't believe she is already 5!!

Great food and good times together!

 Our sweet, sweet birthday girl!

You don't turn 5 until you blow out the candles and have a cupcake!

Now on to the fun stuff-opening presents!!

Baby Sis got in on the fun, too!

And now, meet Max!  Lindsey found this adorable puppy at the Humane Society!! He is half Australian Shepherd, and we think half Saint Bernard.  He is also 100% precious!!

What a fun, fun time!! There is nothing better than spending time with family! I have to add that this sweet thing is having her tonsils out next week!  I know she will feel better, but we are not looking forward to it.  And bless her heart, she is SO excited about it! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Play Ball!

What a great weekend we had!  Maddie had her first TBall game of the season Saturday morning at 8:00, which was entirely too early!!  The second one was at 10:30 which was a little better!  Both were big victories-16-7 and 22-4!  It was a great way to start the season!

They may be little, but they are mighty!!  Maddie is one of the youngest on this team by far.  Some are almost 7!!

Game 1

I couldn't find Pop and Lillian after the first game.  He had her on the field running the bases while the players for the next game  were warming up!!

A little snack and rest time between games!

And a little playtime in between!

Game 2- Just in case anyone is wondering, I am still very much a ball mom(or ball Nana now)!  I surprised myself at how much I get into these games!!  It is so much fun to watch her play!!

Lillian was quite the trooper.  Everyone pitched in to keep her entertained.  They are weaning her off the paci, but 4 hours at the ballpark calls for an exception!

Go Angels!!  We headed from the park straight to Maddie's house for her first birthday party!!