Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Party in Panola

After a fun day with the family, we loaded up and headed across the river for a great time at the McClure's. They have got this party business down to an art.  Everything was just beautiful!! We are so thankful that we were able to celebrate with this wonderful group of hostesses and friends and family. This was Caleb and Taylor's first wedding event, and we were thrilled that they were able to share it with Alex, one of his oldest friends. Time flies!  It's so hard to believe that they are old enough to be getting married.  It seems like they should still be on the Little League field! It was great to see old friends and even to meet a few new ones!!

Chief cook Stephen McBride and his trusty helpers (Carson, Zach, Edward, Bill, and I am sure others) did a fantastic job on the shrimp.  Possibly the best I've ever had!!


Aren't they all just precious?  Caleb & Taylor and Alex & Addie

Taylor and the sisters, Lindsey and Tori!  

Fun on the dance floor

Fun with friends and family-and watching a little Alabama football!

Caleb with two of his favorite older women!!

Baby Reed enjoyed his first party, too!  (Although he slept through most of it!)

We are so looking forward to the wedding and celebrations leading up to the wedding for these two.  They are simply perfect for each other!!  Hurry up January 31!!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Family Fun

Josh, Lindsey and the babies joined us for a wonderful weekend.  They came for Caleb and Taylor's first wedding party, but we managed to make some more memories with some fun but simple adventures.

We all got in lots of snuggles with this cutie.  He is laughing, smiling and cooing constantly!

We visited with Papa and fed his goldfish.

The neighbors horses are always fun to feed.

We also picked a few sticks (or limbs), played in the yard and just hung out!!

We also had a little impromptu concert at Papa's.

The sand piles are always one of their favorite things to do.  Clothes are optional!

After our fun adventures, we headed across the river for a wonderful get together!  More on that next!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I am so enjoying learning about Maddie's new school and new (and old) friends.  I was able to experience her very first homecoming - the bonfire, pep rally, parade and ballgame.  In between homecoming events, we were able to squeeze in a trip to the library, a little outside play and lots of snuggles.

Fun at the bonfire! Does every ball field have a super fun hill to play on?

Friends watching the fire and the cheerleaders!

The parade - I love her sweet face when she discovered us!! 
A quick visit to Mom's classroom-Have I mentioned that this one is a momma's girl?

Not only did I survive my first trip to the library with all three, I actually enjoyed it!!  These pictures were taken outside the library as we were leaving.

It was a beautiful afternoon to be outside.  I love that these sisters are becoming best friends, too!  I don't have any outdoor pictures of Reed, but he was snuggling in my lap as they played!

Best baby ever!!!  He is seriously a doll.  I think when you are number 3,  you just have to be good!


Next on the list was the Homecoming game.  Lindsey had to work the gate, but the girls and I had lots of fun.  I am also ashamed to say that we left after halftime, and I have no idea who won!!

Bright and early the next morning, we headed back to the ball field for Maddie to cheer.  I think Reed is saying, "You have got to be kidding!"

Lots and lots of fun!  I love watching her cheer!  Reed is always a big hit with the friends!

They will all be here this weekend for Caleb and Taylor's first wedding party, and we just can't wait!!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Pumpkin Patch

After we finished carving pumpkins, we loaded up and headed to Old Baker's Farm in Harpersville.  I love experiencing new places with the babies, and this one didn't disappoint!  It had a little bit of everything-wild west shoot-out, corn maze, hay maze, petting zoo, horse rides, cotton picking, a train ride, a hay mountain and the pumpkin patch were the highlights.  We were all exhausted at the end of the day, but we had lots and lots of fun!

Pop and his girls

Maddie was full speed in the hay maze!  Little Bit had lots of fun, but stayed close to her mom most of the day!!

This angel was his usual precious self!!  He just goes with the flow!!

Children of the Corn............

Fun petting the animals!  Mr. Donkey was enjoying Maddie's headrub!

The hay mountain was by far Maddie's favorite!  I told Pop we were going to have to stack up some hay bales for her.  She climbed, slid and jumped for quite some time!  Lillian enjoyed it for a little while, then opted for a train ride with her mom while Maddie continued to play in the hay!

The wild west shoot-out was going on in the background, and was just a little too loud for Little Bit!


Lots of fun on the horses!!

Picking cotton, or cotton candy as Maddie called it!

We headed to the pumpkin patch in a covered wagon driven by mules.  The pumpkin patch was huge.  On a very distant hill, there were several beautiful white pumpkins.  I am sad to say that Pop decided he didn't love me quite enough to venture over to that field!!!  It seems that 3 kids, 6 pumpkins, and temperatures in the mid 80's made that journey a bit much!!  I am now on a mission to find some white pumpkins!

Another fun outing is in the books!!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Carving Time

Pop and I got up bright and early recently and headed east.  We love these quick trips with our sweeties!
Lindsey and Pop had a little pumpkin carving contest with lots of  great help!!  Maddie and Pop were on one team, and Lillian and Lindsey made up team two.  Josh, Reed and I were in the cheering section!!

The back of the pickup proved to be a perfect carving station!

Love these little angels!!!!

Ready for the fun to begin!

Lots and lots of fun!

Maddie wasn't to sure about the slimy insides, but Lillian dove right in!!

And the finished products!!!!  Maddie declared Pop the winner and drew a special picture for him!!

Pop managed to get in lots of snuggles with this sweet thing!!

This little one gets lots of love from his big sisters!!

Next up-the Pumpkin Patch!!!!