Monday, July 25, 2016


No trip to the beach would be complete without a trip to the track.  This was actually Reed's first trip, and he was a real trooper!  He loved all of the rides (except bumper boat), and had a great time!  Maddie loves everything - the faster and higher the better!  And sweet Lillian hangs in there rather nicely!

These two are tight!  They have a very special bond!  Reed's favorite thing to say is, "I love Pop!"  Trust me, the feeling is very mutual!

Uncle C and Reed are getting ready for a little fun!!

This little guy is getting a haircut this week, so I'm not sure about the future of these curls!

The swings were a big hit!!

So was the merry go round!!  This little one is so very, very precious!!

Reed looks like he's a little unsure of where his horse is headed!!

Aunt Tay and Maddie had a blast on the go karts!

Hi Pop!

This two were the last ones out of the gate!  Maddie was not impressed with their last place finished!  She said Uncle C was the worst driver- EVER!

Reed enjoyed the bumper cars, until someone would shoot water on them.  Pop would then have to turn the boat around and head in the opposite direction.

Maddie and her dad loved getting in on the action!

And these girls always love a little action!

This looks like trouble!!

And lots of fun!!

These two ventured over to the side and got me good!!


I'm ready to go back!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Beach - Part 2

This trip included looking for crabs, putt putt (both girls had a hole in one!), and a trip to the track.  Now that Maddie is older she has her very own bucket list!  We have been trying to check things off of that list this summer.  Putt putt was one of those things!

I'm ready to go back!

Lindsey and Josh have some special friends that live in Fairhope.  They spent an afternoon at the beach with us, and then joined us for dinner.  The girls loved playing with their sweet little one.

Eating out

Lots of fun just hanging out each day on the beach!

Oh how I love these three!  We had a little impromptu photo session on the balcony before we headed out to eat.  I'm not sure where Uncle C and Aunt T were, but they missed out on this session!

And our annual photo shoot!  I was having a little camera trouble, so I'm a little disappointed in the quality! 

More to come!!

Monday, July 18, 2016

The Beach, Part 1

Only worry in the world - is the tide going to reach my chair!

I'm not sure there is anything better than a few days at the beach!  It's even more special when spent with my children and grandchildren.  Lindsey and I both believe the earlier you hit the sand the better!  We were able to check in early the first day, so we got in several hours of fun in the sun!  The second day we were actually on the beach before 7:30!

Wipe Out!

This one didn't put herself in a position to wipe out, but she did have lots of fun in and out of the water!

The ocean was warm and clear, and the weather was beautiful!

Our little beach bums!!

Fun at the Oyster House! I am happy to say that eating out with these three is a breeze now!!  

They only found two little crabs, but had lots of fun searching!

Pop had lots of help carrying our wagon full of stuff out!  I love where we stay! You have a gulf front view in front and the pass is on the side! Watching the boats come through the pass is beautiful!  These were headed out to the Blue Marlin Championship.  We also got to watch the tons of boats that headed to Pensacola for the airshow.

Lots of holes were dug!

Fishing, hermit crabs, flying kites and more!

Much more beach fun to come, and  Uncle C and Aunt Taylor join us.