Saturday, August 19, 2017

Just a Fishing

Pop took Reed and Maddie fishing one day recently.  Lillian is just not into that, so she and I hung out at the house.  Reed is just reaching the age where he enjoys these outings!  He had a ball on this trip.  As he was reeling in a fish, he decided to throw his reel down, and just grab the line and pull it in by hand!  I predict lots and lots of hunting and fishing with this one.  I think he's going to enjoy it as much as Maddie does! Today they were fishing at a pond that we don't venture to very often.  It's a beautiful small pond by the camp house, and is perfect for a fun afternoon!

Well, hi there fish!

Maddie is an old pro now!

I think she has on the oldest life jacket we have!  Pop?????

This fish was almost as big as Reed!!

One more before they head home!

Lillian's not a big fan of hunting and fishing, but that's just fine!  She and Nana have lots and lots of fun when the other two are off with Pop!!

They were suppose to be here this weekend, but all three were sick.......I am missing them like crazy!!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Hair Cut Time!

Before the kiddos headed home, we headed to Mr. Tony's to get Reed a big boy haircut.  We had not planned on getting the girls done, but Jessie came in and had a few minutes, so a trim it was!  You can say what you want, but small town living certainly has its perks!  

This big girl is rocking third grade!  One week down and she loves it!

And this one is loving kindergarten.  Time truly  needs to slow down!!

This one and Mr. Tony have become buddies!  Mr. Tony even played trucks on the floor with him! Haircutting is a serious business!

Little Mr. Blue Eyes!

Make no mistake about it - that precious smile gets this one out of lots of trouble!  It's just hard to resist that smile!

 A snip here and a snip there, and before you know it, he looks about 3 years older!! Mr. Tony left a few curls in the back!

There are no words for how much I love these three! I also got tickled when I realized Lillian was in "the dress" again!  I promise she has more clothes than any child should!  We just didn't have many dresses in the suitcase this visit, and she's all about dresses!

Next up, fishing!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Build a Bear

I promised Lillian a trip to Build a Bear for her birthday way back in May!  I was determined to make it happen this trip.  As it turns out, it was the first thing we did!  She and I decided we'd let the other two in on our fun!  Maddie was not too sure about this to begin with, but she loved it in the end! I have to say that this is a pretty well oiled machine!  I was quite impressed!  I was certain Lillian would pick out a rainbow, pink or purple bear, but she surprised me!  Both girls picked out simple, normal teddy bears.  Next, they were stuffed and sound and a heart were added.  Finally, they were stitched up and fluffed!  Of course, we add to find the perfect clothes! Lots of fun!

I think this picture pretty much sums up how they each felt in the beginning.  Lillian was beyond thrilled; Maddie is wondering why someone as old and wise as she is has to suffer through this; Reed is just happy to have a string to pull on!!  So, the bears are picked out, next we picked out the sound to insert and headed to the "stuffing" machine!

No pictures of the stuffing part, but the fluffing station was awesome!

That sweet smile makes everyone of those many dollars spent on this bear totally worth it!  Right Pop?

More fluffing, and Lillian still hasn't stopped smiling!

Showing little brother how to do it!

She really did enjoy this!

Meet Teddy, Lola and Sara 

I'm not sure how I managed to NOT get a picture of the bears in their cute little outfits!! They also got these little bags to travel in.

 We're outta here dudes!!

On to the next adventure!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Days

Pop and I spent another 5 days with the babies at the beach, and I never even got my camera out of the car.  So Iphone photos it is! Our days were filled with bike rides, playing with Beau, swimming at the beach and pool, daily snow cones, Build a Bear, nature center visit and more!  It's the little things we do though that I treasure the most, and I hope they will, too!

The track is always a hit was these three!   

Maddie has reached the magic line on the chart, and can now ride all the rides solo!

Why you ask are these three so drenched??

Bumper boats!!

Look out!!


Flying high!!

Maddie's legs are just about too long for these little rides!  I must also add that yes, Lillian does have the same dress on over and over again.  This one is all about wearing a dress!  I promise it's clean.  She wore it every chance she got.  If she's happy, I'm happy!


This one was so very proud of herself for riding solo!!  She said this was her very favorite thing ever!


We had lots of beach time!

And pool time!

Pop and Maddie ventured to the pass to do a little fishing. And we followed along to see what they were catching.

Playing with a hermit crab!

They were dressed in their regular clothes, but they jumped right in and had a ball!

Back to the beach!  Maddie spent hours body surfing but I have no pictures of that!  Trust me, she had a ball!

This one had beach naps at least two days.  I know the days of holding him like this are numbered, so trust me-I treasure these sweet moments!

 I ventured to Souvenir City by myself with them, and am happy to say we came out alive!  We left with a toy pig and elephant, sea shells and peanut butter fudge!  

Uncle C and Aunt Tay were down with her family.  We spent a morning with them at the beach, and they came to visit us one night.

A house divided-Tay's brother is a student at Auburn..........

One last good bye, until next time!

Build a Bear is up next!