Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dancing and Little Beauties

Lindsey and Josh are in the beginning of the "busy season".  Soccer is starting back for Maddie, and Lillian will be playing T-Ball.  Josh will be coaching Maddie's soccer team, and dance and gymnastics will continue. I get tired just thinking about it.  Caleb and Taylor are on the downhill side, and we will soon be welcoming John Sawyer.  We have enjoyed all the wonderful showers.  He has gotten so many awesome gifts.  All we need now is for him to arrive!!

Josh and Lillian enjoyed the father-daughter dance at their school.  

So sweet!

This one is a true princess!

Did I mention that the girls had a beauty walk? I may be slightly prejudice-but I think these girls are simply beautiful!

These two are pretty awesome, too!

Aunt and Uncle of the Year!! Even though she's a mere nine months pregnant, they journeyed across the state to watch the girls.

They love Aunt Tay!


 Being a princess is really hard work!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Let's Go to the Hop!

This little, blue-eyed blonde is going break hearts one day!  He loved his sock hop at Jacob's Ladder this year!  I wasn't convinced he'd wear his jacket, but he proved me wrong!  He smiled, danced and was the perfect little T Bird!

 Hanging out at the Soda Shop!

Haaayyy...........(Throwing in a little bit of the Fonz!)

Be still my heart!

 Did John Travolta wear cowboy boots?  If not, he should have!!

 Sweet friends!


Sweet Lillian enjoyed her days at the sock hop, too!

This picture is proof that time really does fly by!  It's so hard to remember when Maddie was this age!  

Happy Valentine's Day!