Thursday, April 20, 2017

Another Fun Game

First of all, I'm still learning my way around the world of soccer.  I will say this though-I can tell they are really improving.  And there's lots and lots of running-I mean lots!!  It wears me out just watching!  It's also easy to take a pretty hard lick to the head or face!!  Mostly, it's just lots of fun to watch!  I have to say, soccer is growing on me.  I traveled 3 hours there and three hours back to watch an hour long soccer game!  It was worth every mile traveled!

Keeping up with where the ball is can be quite a challenge!!

Two of Maddie's biggest fans!


 Headed down the field!

Always running!!

Love those blue eyes!!  Mr. Tony, we are heading your way as soon as possible!!

Sweetest smile around!

Even the smallest of sand or dirt piles can occupy them for a very long time!

Good game!

We are heading back for the weekend.  More to come!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

He is Risen

He is Risen.  Matthew 28:6

Easter is such a special time. For several years, we have begun the day with sunrise services across the river.  Even though it was foggy this morning, it was a beautiful service.  It has become one of my very favorite traditions, and I truly look forward to it every year. Caleb and Taylor joined us today, which was also a treat. We also always journey to Sandra & Tony's for lunch and family time.  If you don't have a sister in law that caters, you are really missing out.  It's always a treat! Josh, Lindsey and the kiddos spent the day with his grandmother and family.  We missed them, but did get to FaceTime several times. I am heading that way tomorrow for a soccer match!

These cuties were headed to church for Easter services.  They are growing up so very fast. Sadly, I have no pictures of their mom and dad today.

Flowering of the cross-so beautiful!!

 Love these two!!

Papa enjoyed his day!

Scott's sweet family.  I did not get a picture of the Pate family.  I've got to do better!!


These two are fixing to graduate!  So hard to believe!

Aunt Sandra, Uncle Tony and all of their grandbabies!! 

It was indeed a good day!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Maddie had birthday celebrations all weekend, and we all enjoyed each one!  Pop and I met their family and some of Maddie's friends at Airwalk.  Afterwards, we took the little ones home, while Josh, Lindsey and Maddie went back to Alex City to take her friends home.  They then headed across the state to join us for the weekend.  We continued celebrating all weekend!  It's just not every year that you turn 8!

This picture contains a very large part of my heart!  Lillian's birthday is in May and Reed's is in June, so we will be partying for a while!

Friends made the day even more fun!!  These girls are sweet, but tough!!

Josh and Maddie even managed to get in a little soccer practice!

This cutie had a ball!!

And this almost 5 year old was flying high!!

And so was the birthday girl!

We ended the day with cupcakes!

Sweet friends made the day super special!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!!  It was an awesome day!

Much more to come!!  Crawfish, a rodeo, presents, a play and more!!

Thursday, April 6, 2017


How is it possible that eight years have already passed?  This sweet, sweet girl opened our world to a love that we didn't know was possible.  Maddie is the perfect combination-a little bit tomboy, sprinkled with a touch of princess.  She is quiet, but not really shy.  She loves all things adventurous! She was made to be the perfect big sister! We have made countless memories with this one that will hopefully last her a lifetime!  We have an entire weekend of celebrations planned-Airwalk with friends, a rodeo, family celebration, and ending with a play!

You are beautiful, brilliant and brave, and you are so very loved! Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Hammock, Sand and More

After a day of hard work around the house that included playing in the hammock and planting some flowers, we headed to the sand pile for a little fun. It was Spring Break this week, and they joined us for a long weekend.

Hammock time!  There are no words for how spoiled this puppy is!! 

Looking for goldfish!

 Well, I feel I must explain the picture below.  I suggested that the kids just strip down to play in the sand pile.  Pop said he didn't think this was a good idea........However, as soon as they got out of the truck, they did indeed strip down to their undies and took off for the sand!!  My pictures are limited due to that, but trust me-they had a ball!!

It's hard to find a spot on their bodies that isn't covered in sand!!

On this trip, we also found a frog and a turtle shell!  And they had a picnic lunch in the bucket of the front end loader!


I'm not sure who had the most fun-Beau or the kids!

Pop's sand piles are the best!!