Friday, October 2, 2015

Picture Time

No beach trip would be complete without the required family pictures.  We were meeting some of Josh and Lindsey's special friends for supper, so we squeezed this little photo shoot in before we left.  I am happy to say that everyone was all smiles!

Precious family!!  Josh had a little trouble with the sun in his eyes!

There are just no words!! Love these babies more than life itself!


Sweet sisters!



And sweet Reed!  

Best big sisters ever!  

And then we were off to eat with this sweet family and their precious new baby!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Sun and Fun

Pop and I spent a wonderful long weekend at the beach with Josh, Lindsey and the babies. Lots of great food, beautiful sunshine, calm waters, and time to be together.  We love going this time of the year!  The weather is still gorgeous, and the crowds have thinned out tremendously.  We have started staying at a condo right by the pass that is also directly on the beach.  We love watching the boats go in and out all day! The girls and Reed had a wonderful time, and so did the rest of us big kids!

How was this for a perfect start to the day?  On days like this, I am glad our babies get up so early.  I would not have wanted to miss this!

Our big girl is growing up so fast!  She enjoyed the water, until tons of the biggest jellyfish we'd ever seen showed up! Luckily, they were only there one day.

This one didn't get too close to the water, but she still had a great time!!

This angel spent several hours on the first day just sitting in Pop's lap checking everything out!

Lillian joined them for a little while, too!

There is always a castle to build or a hole to dig! That little picture on the bottom shows us hauling all the gear down the boardwalk on the first day.  The fun makes it well worth the journey!

Lots of talking and a little walking!

Reed caught lots and lots of these fish!  The girls enjoyed watching!

If there's a hill around, these babies are going to find it!

Wipe out!!

These sweet things had a ball!

The beach is also the perfect place to play peek-a-boo!

There's nothing better than family time!

Birds, Crabs, and Birthday presents!

The girls and Reed brought Pop a couple of special birthday presents that they picked out themselves!  Two Alabama cups from Maddie, and a special little giraffe from Lillian that now proudly sits on our dresser!

I've got at least two more beach posts!  Lillian and I are also headed to the pumpkin patch this week! I think I may throw in a little work this week, too!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Grandparent's Day

Have I mentioned that I think being a grandparent is the greatest thing ever? I was able to celebrate Grandparent's Day with sweet Lillian last week.  This also gave me the opportunity to see Maddie and Reed, too.

Lillian had made it quite clear that she had no intention of singing at the program.  No problem though, it just gave Mam (Josh's sweet, sweet grandmother) and me more time to love on this sweet girl!

After the program, we enjoyed a delicious donut and goldfish snack and then visited her classroom.  I truly loved having some one on one time with this little stinker!

After we left, I wanted to take her to the park, but she insisted we go to the indoor play area at Burger King.  And boy was that a great call!!  Two of her buddies from school were there, and they had a ball playing!! 

I felt really guilty leaving little man at school while we were having such a good time!! However, we did go back and get him a little early, so he could have a little fun with us, too!

No stress here!

The night before Grandparent's Day, I was able to go with Lindsey to Maddie's cheerleader practice.  I also talked her into taking Lillian.  She had a ball with her cute little self.  Keeping up with Maddie is one of her favorite things to do!  Definitely a future cheerleader in the making!

The squad - plus one!!

We are all journeying to the beach in a few days, and I just can't wait!!  Fun times ahead!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Sweet Babies

Every now and then, I find a blog post that I forgot to publish for some reason. This is one of those times. This should have appeared before the cheerleading post. Oops!!

I love visits with our babies.  We didn't do anything special this trip, but we had lots and lots of fun.  We get up very early, and go to bed early.  And we fill every waking moment with simple adventures!  I hope they are making as many special memories as Pop and I are making!

Nana and Pop have the best toys!  Just flip over a laundry basket, and hop on top!!

We spend lots of time outside!  Here you can catch a glimpse of Reed trying to get over one of our stair barricades! (Which explains one of the reasons we stay outside so much!) I will be super glad when he finally masters those!  He can go up, but still needs help coming down.

Lots of fun riding! Having Ella and Emory up the street is so much fun!!!  Don't ask me why, but they love Levi's crate!!  The bring toys up and even covered it in blankets to make a fort.  

Let me explain Lillian's look - that's the I don't want my picture taken look.  However, I had to get a picture of her new bike.  Nana accidentally backed over her old one!  So, we knew Aunt Taylor was on the way.  I called and asked or maybe pleaded with her to stop by Walmart and pick up a pink or purple new one!!  Maddie has her pose down pat.

Baby brother's always up for a little adventure!

So, I attempted a little photo shoot!  Impossible!!! (I promise Reed's outfit is clean from the previous sand day!  Lindsey sends lots of clothes, but Nana is bad about washing them and wearing the same ones again!)

Next up, a little cheer leading fun!!