Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Maddie's softball team finished up the regular season with another tournament win bringing their season record to 19-0.  It's been an amazing season.  Great coaches, parents and teammates have made this a season to remember.  I'm afraid we may have gotten spoiled this year! Pop and I have enjoyed traveling across the state to watch as many games as possible!  An undefeated season is rare-and lots and lots of fun!

If you ask her, she'll tell you that she doesn't like to run!  She's pretty good at it though!

Is she ready or what??

 There is always action on the sidelines, too!
 Entertainment between and during games varies from tractors to Iphones!
  On to the next game!
 Swing batter swing!!

There's no place like home!!

Watching the action!!
 Showing good sportsmanship!
 More fun on the other side of the fence!

And a little naptime!

Three games down and once again they are tournament champs!

Being recognized individually!

Who doesn't love a big ole trophy??

What a team!  I am so glad she was a part of this!!  Very special group!

The last two tournaments the runner up team has been the other team  from New Site.  Pretty amazing!  Some of Maddie's closest friends are on that team, too.  They gave our girls a run for their money in this tournament!  These girls should be awesome in the years to come when they join forces!

Love this sweet girl!

Coach Scott, Coach Jason, and Coach James

The wagon is loaded and ready to go!  But, we're not headed home, we're headed to All-Stars!! 

She's smart, too!!  All A's for the year!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Senior Meals

Two, maybe three years ago, Sandra volunteered to do a meal for our church Seniors once a month. She and Reed have done an awesome job with this.  Now that I am "semi-retired", I also get to help some!  Reed and I both look forward to his every month!  We take the summer off, so this month we had the last meal for a few months, and we served over 40!

We had a fish fry this month, and Pop got some special helpers to cook the hushpuppies.  Papa and Mr. Billy Thomas cooked away!

This meal was a lesson in feeding the 5,000.  We had to do a little praying over the fish to help it multiply.  Not a piece was left! Mrs. Mary Tucker and Mrs. Lucille Nance also do an awesome job decorating every month.

Jim and Jimmy Brock provided the entertainment, and were enjoyed by all!

Love this trio of cooks!

We can't wait until the fall to start back!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Reed and I headed out late one afternoon for a quick little fishing trip.  The sun was dipping behind the trees just as we got there.  I didn't fish-just enjoyed the ride.  Reed did catch a few, and threw them all back.   I didn't take my camera, and my phone was almost dead.  So, I didn't get many pictures. Every time we do something like this, I always wonder why we don't do it more often.

Beautiful! The perfect time of day!

This is the only picture I was able to get of any of the fish he caught, and this is pretty much a direct quote from the fisherman, "Do not put this picture on the blog. Size matters!"   Oh well, he may not be big,  but he was a cute little fellow!! (The fish and the fisherman!)

Next  up, another softball tournament, and a birthday party for a sweet four year old!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tractor Rides

 Pop "refurbished" an old John Deere from Aunt Sandra with a new coat of paint, a new battery, and a little tinkering on the gears.  Soon, it was as good as new!  Now, they can enjoy rides around Nana and Pop's house, too!

Look out!  This driver could be  trouble!!

Big Sis is there to help him out!! Her long legs have just about outgrown this ride though!

Holding on tight!  They had been to check the mail!

Every now and then a brother needs a little push!!

Too cute!!

Hi everyone!

Riding solo!  He pretty much drove in a great big circle when he was by himself!

And on a different note, the running roses Pop planted from Grandmother's house a few years ago are just beautiful right now.  We just wish they would bloom longer!

So, you may notice that  the kids have the same clothes on in the last three blogs!  When they are here, pictures are actually few and far between.  Too much to do, and too much fun to be had!! I do try to capture as many  memories as possible though!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


This weekend we enjoyed a crawfish lunch for Mother's Day(on Saturday).  The only problem is that I don't eat crawfish.   So, I threw a few shrimp in the pot and all was well.  I love when everyone is here! There is no time quite like family time!

Pop had some great help getting everything ready!  Lillian did not eat her little friend, but she did check him out pretty closely!

Taylor is having a birthday this week, and we celebrated early with a cake.  Happy, Happy Birthday!!

Maddie and Papa were a pretty tough duo playing checkers!  She gave Taylor and I both a run for our money!! She's pretty good at Tic Tac Toe, too!!

Love is........joining your niece with a little sidewalk chalk fun!

This little one slept through most of the crawfish meal!  His mom seemed to think that was best!;)

It was a great weekend!  There is nothing I enjoy more than spending time with my sweet family!!  I can't wait for our next get together!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Just Fishing

Lindsey and her family were here for the weekend, and we try to enjoy each and every moment when they visit.  On the kids last visit, we took them fishing, and while we had a blast, Pop realized we had simply outgrown the boat!  Also, Papa still enjoys fishing, and the regular fishing boats were just a little hard for him to get in and out of.  So, what does Pop do? He finds a pontoon boat,  cleans it up, adds a big trolling motor, and we are set!! Caleb and Taylor spent the afternoon with us, but weren't able to go fishing with us.  Other than that, this was a perfect trip!!

Everyone anchors down, and we are ready to go!!  Reed and Lillian set up near the minnow bucket, which is good!  Every single minnow was loved on several times!!

We actually lost count of how many fish we caught!!  Maddie is a natural!

Reed enjoyed touching almost everyone!!

Lillian and Lindsey caught several!

Good job girls!!

Papa and Maddie were quite the duo!!  Maddie caught  several on her own, and she also enjoyed helping Papa pull his into the boat!!

Lillian had the most important job on the boat!  She was the minnow girl!!  She would dip right in, grab a minnow and take it to where it was needed!

 With his snack in one hand and the other hand in the minnow bucket, Reed was quite the helper, too!

I'm not sure who had the most fun between these two!

These two had a pretty good time, too!

Not just having fun - making memories!!

A quick little kiss for good luck!!

What a fun day!! And this one is growing up way, way too fast!!

The very best thing about memories is making them!!! This was one of those days I pray they never forget!

And while we were getting down and dirty, these two were getting all gussied up to have a little fun at the Aliceville Museum!