Friday, December 8, 2017

Winter Wonderland!!

There is nothing I like better than a beautiful snow day!  I have learned that when the weather man says we are not going to get any to look out.  And, when we are suppose to get lots of snow, it seems to go either north or south of us........This morning at a little before six, I was pleasantly shocked when Reed said that great big drops were falling!! I was even more surprised when they continued to fall throughout the morning!

Just wanted documented proof that it really snowed while the Christmas tree was up.  I don't think that has ever happened before!

Winter wonderland!

We always rush to check out the slough and hayfield when it snows.  Neither ever disappoint!  Just beautiful!

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!! Let it Snow!!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Beach Fun

Prior to the big gymnastics meet, Pop and I were able to spend the day at the beach with the little ones.  It was an absolutely perfect day with temperatures in the low 70's.  We didn't bring any beach toys, but did manage to round up a couple of shovels.  As it turns out, that's all you really need!

We also found some really awesome Spiderman bubbles. Sister was a little miffed that they only had Spiderman, but she loved them in the end!

With just sand and a shovel, everything becomes right in the world!! Reed wouldn't take his jeans and boots off at first!

They are trying to decide if they want to test the waters!

They also managed to get in several races down the beach!

Dreaming of a warm swim.........

Back to racing!

And then they just couldn't resist!!

Post swim victory pose!!! The weather was perfect, but the water was freezing!!

Wet and all-into the hole they go!!

A few more races and then we ventured in to get ready for Maddie's meet!

This was a very quick trip, but it turned out to be one of the best ever!! We can't wait until John Sawyer can join us on these adventures!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

State Champ

What a season this has been for gymnastics!!  Maddie is smart, not so much shy as quiet, independent, tender hearted, and strives to do her best in everything.  All of that worked in her favor this weekend, as she earned the title of STATE CHAMPION not only in beam, but also in All-Around!  Wow!  What an honor that was to all of us!  She has worked so hard, overcome obstacles, practiced - and then practiced some more!!  And while she has had a very successful season, it hasn't been without quite a few obstacles!  She struggled in one previous meet on the bars, and came back and won on that event the next meet! She has had to miss many activities due to gymnastics!  The day of this state meet, Maddie and her mom and dad had traveled to Georgia for a gifted field trip that she didn't want to miss, and then drove 6 1/2 hours to make it to the meet in time for her to compete! Pop and I headed down early and spent the day at the beach with the little ones.  I would say that it has all been worth it.  We've told her that the majority of people never know what it's like to be a state champ! We are all going to enjoy this for a few more days, and then she will start practicing all over again for next season!!

Reed went to sleep shortly after this picture was taken and missed the entire meet!!

The first event was the bars. I usually don't like for them to start on the bars, but Maddie was as loose as she could be this meet!  She had a very solid routine!

Beam-This is her strongest event.  Simply, she has no fear and loves the beam!! 

I watched this event totally through the lens of my camera, and was surprised that this was her lowest score. She still placed 2nd in this event.  The judges were pretty tough on everyone! I have no pictures of the vault!  It was too far away!  She placed 3rd in the vault.

Time for awards!  Vault


Beam!  You go girl!

Just look at that smile!  She was thrilled and just a little (or a lot) shocked!  She had no idea that she would win!! There also may or may not have been just a few tears shed!

I told her we would have been just as proud if she hadn't won a medal, but let's be honest-this was pretty awesome!!

 Hard days are the best days, because this is when champions are made!

This sums up these two so perfectly! Lillian is holding her five dollar bill that Pop gave her for yelling, "Let's go big dog" right before Maddie was going to compete.

Back to our champ!! She believed she could and so she did!!  

Coach Mary Elizabeth-One day after she had done about 10,000 hand stands, I asked her if she ever got tired!  She told me that Coach Mary Elizabeth told her she needed to practice as much as she could even at home, so she had to do them!! Trust me-she's upside down a vast majority of the time!

Nana and Pop think she's number one every day!

One happy family!  

We are proud of her commitment at such an early age.  We also are very grateful that she has been blessed with such talent, and works to improve and be her very best.  We love her sweet spirit and strong determination.  I know we are slightly prejudice,  but we think she is quite special!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cakes, Pumpkins and the Christmas Tree

In between holiday get togethers, parades, sporting events and more, we love the simple day to day fun of the holidays! Uncle C and Aunt Taylor were making a cake one night, and they invited the kiddos up to help.  And what great help they were!!  They were also great taste testers!

Reed is still rocking the face paint from his Thanksgiving program!

Let's just call this the great pumpkin race!  Beau (and Levi) love playing chase with the kids.  Beau had confiscated a small pumpkin, and the race was on!  The look on Lillian's face is the thrill of victory when she finally caught him and got the pumpkin!

Twas not the night before Christmas, but we are getting in the spirit here!

We are headed to the beach this weekend for Maddie's state gymnastic competition.  She's had a great competition season, and it's been so much fun following her this year! More to come!

Saturday, November 25, 2017


I am thankful every minute of every day for the wonderful blessings we have!  However, it is great to have a special day set aside to show our gratitude for all that we have! It doesn't take turkey, dressing, and all the trimmings to truly celebrate, but that was pretty awesome, too!

I began the week celebrating with Chief Flying Arrow at his Thanksgiving program.

Maddie and Lillian performed in this same program over the years!! They grow up too fast!!

 We ventured to Uncle Tony and Aunt Sandra's on Thanksgiving Day. Lots of food, fun and family!

 And did I mention horses??  Uncle Tony saddled up a couple of horses, and the fun began!

Gator rides, cousins and more! Wendy and the girls were here from Alaska!  It was wonderful to see them.  

 Next year, we will have another little one in this picture!


My people!  Love them beyond measure!

Every picture tells a story.......and this one tells a story of love, commitment and lots of fun!

These two sweeties are preparing their heart  and home for our new bundle of joy! What wonderful parents they will be!

Thankful beyond words for these four!

The gangs all here!  Cousins make the best friends!  Maddie, Lillian and Reed love spending time with the big cousins!

Now, bring on Christmas!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

End of the Season

Maddie made the All Star Team for soccer.  After winning their regional tournament, they traveled to Dothan for the state tournament.  Pop and I left at about 4:30, and got there in plenty of time.  I think this is her third season of soccer, and I would like to tell you I know a lot about it.  However that is simply not the case.  I know that there is lots and lots of running.  They have penalty kicks and corner kicks.  Did I mention there is lots of running?  The bottom line is this - I may not understand it, but she loves it, and we love watching her play!

Relaxing with Pop before the first game!

We are just going to call the next few pictures action shots!  I would also like to say that the coaches from the other team were among, shall we say-the most vocal I have ever heard!  

Corner kick is on the way!!

Get it girl!!  

I have no idea why she is grinning like this!  But I like it!!  You should always enjoy what you do!

Back to the action!

Cutie pie! I asked Lillian if she was going to play soccer or softball.  She promptly told me she was going to be a cheerleader and a dancer!

In between games!

Too much fun!!

They were one goal away from the championship game. On to the next adventure!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

You Go Girl!!

We had a really busy weekend.  Maddie played in the state soccer tournament in Dothan on Saturday, and competed in a gymnastics meet Sunday in Montgomery.  I'm going to blog about the gymnastics meet first.  Gymnastics is really a family affair.  Lillian and Maddie both practice several hours a week.  To make that work, it takes a commitment from the entire family.  Often tough choices have to be made, and they don't get to participate in everything they would like. Juggling school, work, dance, gymnastics soccer and more takes a toll on everyone, but boy the rewards sure are awesome! Maddie is very competitive, and takes gymnastics very seriously.
She reminds me so much of her mom at this age!

Waiting for the meet to start!

Sweet friends ready to compete!  It's a lot more fun when you have a buddy to share the journey with you!

Moms need buddies to share the experience with, too!

Sweet team-ready to compete!

The vault-I have to be honest and say that I have yet to figure out the scoring process at this level!  However, I will say that she has improved tremendously!

The uneven bars-She will tell you that this is her favorite event, but it's sometimes the one she has the most trouble with.......Her warm-up was a little shaky, but she had a solid routine when it counted.  I love the look of determination!

The beam is her best event!  She always gives a solid performance on the beam!  I love her long lines! She had her highest score ever on this event at this meet.

Floor-I love watching her on the floor.  All the gymnasts use the same music, and I promise I hear it in my sleep!

I think this is called "a come to Jesus meeting".  These two really are troopers!  They just get a little stir crazy from time to time!!




And 1st All Around!  We could not be prouder!  She works so hard, and it's great to see that hard work paying off!!

The little ones are proud of her, too!!

Next up, soccer!