Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Round 2

Back in November and December, Lindsey, Josh and the babies just couldn't catch a break!  Someone was sick all the time.  We were just discussing how wonderful things had been since then, and wouldn't you know, both Lindsey and Lillian came down with the flu.  The doctor said this was an entirely different strand than the one they had just a couple of months ago.  What are the odds!??  I headed down Sunday and stayed Monday and Tuesday.  Pop is there now.  I am so very sorry that anyone is sick, but I have to be honest-I love any excuse to go visit.  Hang in there with me-All pictures are Iphone pictures.  I am still deciding which camera I want to get this time.

About 10 minutes after these pictures were taken, the doctor came in and said that she had a "very positive" flu test!!  I just couldn't believe it!!  She was quite the trooper!

She's just too stinking cute to have time for the flu!!

 This little fellow is growing like crazy.  He is always happy!!  Just a joy!

Big Sis is just great with him.  I asked her why she didn't love on Lillian like she does Reed.  I loved her reply-"Well, sometimes I do, but she's always hitting me when I do it."

This first picture was taken at gymnastics.  I loved taking her -  Brings back lots and lots of memories.

Pop came so I could head back and work a little.  They were all thrilled to see him!!

Pop got to take Maddie to her first TBall practice.  We can't wait for the season to get started!!  This is her 3rd year to play.  The teams this year are "mixed" -  Half girls and half boys!  Should be interesting!!

I hope no one else gets sick, but I can't wait until my next visit!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Second Day

The morning after our monumental snow, I hurried Reed out the door to ride down and check out the hayfield and slough.  It is always unbelievably beautiful when it snows.  He told me not to get my hopes up, and boy was he right!!  Almost nothing at all fell there!  Needless to say, I was very sad!

I didn't even bother taking a picture of the hayfield, but I did manage to get a picture of this by the gate! Just pitiful!!

This is still one of my favorite places!  I just wish it was covered in snow!!  

In the past 2 weeks, we've had early dismissal 2 times, late starts 3 days and we've missed two whole days!!  I am just about out of the notion of school!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Let It Snow

I waited patiently (well kinda patiently) all day for snow.  I had finally given up!  As Reed and I were finishing supper, I mumbled something not very nice about James Spann (sorry James), and headed to look outside and check one more time to see if the snow had started!  Low and behold, there it was!  Falling so beautifully!  Big, wet, glorious drops!!  I grabbed a chair and sat outside and just watched it fall.  Needless to say, Reed does not share my love for the white stuff!  I grabbed the camera that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and headed out to snap a few shots!!  It didn't last long, but I loved every second of it!  I just wish the girls had been here to enjoy it!  We did facetime, but it was too dark for them to see it.  I also sent them a video that I hope they will enjoy!!

I eagerly watched and waited a large part of the day for the snow to begin.  I have to be honest - I was very envious of those folks just north of us!

Look hard-there it is!!

Maybelle was eager to model her snowflakes!! (Isn't she beautiful?)

And it continued!!

Our birds have eaten over 30 pounds of food this week!  I love watching them though!

Poor goldfish!!

There's a car under there!!

I wish the babies had been here to go down the hill!

Believe it or not, I convinced Reed to come outside for a little selfie!!  

I love our Face Time conversations!!  I hate they didn't get any snow!!

I can't wait to see it in the morning!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Another Quick Visit

Pop had a doctor's appointment Friday to check on his finger.  I am happy to report that it is healing nicely.  It's just going to take some time. After the appointment, we headed east to spend some time with the babies.  They are growing so quickly.  We will soon have birthday parties for all three.  So very hard to believe!!  I am still without a camera, so once again we snapped a few IPhone pictures.  Ugh!! Trying to get all three to sit still and look at the camera is always a challenge!  We had fun trying though!

Caleb just sent a picture of the granddog taking his Sunday afternoon nap.  Bless him!  He has a hard life!

And even though it's a little blurry, I wanted to share this one of our chunky monkey!!  He is just a joy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The New Baby

Caleb and Taylor decided to expand their family with a new precious Goldendoodle named Levi!!  Most precious granddog ever!!  I took lots and lots of pictures of him, but once again my camera did not work!  He is very adventurous  and just a doll!!  We're going to have to get him together with Lindsey's Max.  That should be lots of fun!  I think everyone should have a dog!

Playing outside with Dad

Mom and the baby

Isn't he precious?

On the ride home, ready to begin his new life!!

We are planning on an extended visit for Maybelle.  We think she needs to get to know her new baby brother!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

And Then This Happened

Things were humming along smoothly Thursday morning at school when I got a call from Reed shortly after 8:00. He got into a little tussle with a table saw, and his left index finger was the victim. He is going to be fine after it heals, but it's quite difficult to look at now though. He did get into the bone, so we're not sure exactly what it will look like. There's just not much you can do for an injury like this.  We are very thankful though, because it could have been much, much worse! Did I mention that he was finishing up on my Christmas present when it happened? I'm thinking it may be my Mother's Day gift!!

Bless his heart!! He was a trooper!!

Lindsey and Maddie were here for a quick visit! More on that next!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

This and That

We have slowly been trying to get back to normal after all the wedding festivities of the past few months.  We had a wonderful time, but it's also nice to be settling back into familiar routines.  We have still been very busy, so there just hasn't been much time for blogging!!

Reed recently spent a day hanging with Rudy and Red at the Cameron's.  I told him that I thought that would be so much fun!!  He said fun might be stretching it a little, but I think he enjoyed his day!

This angel is everywhere now!!  He's growing up way too fast!!

These two have returned from Jamaica and are happily settling into married life!

And what do you do when your workshop ends a little early and you have about 45 minutes until your doctor's appointment?  Well, I chose to hang out at the Riverwalk!!  Gorgeous!!!

Lindsey and Maddie will be here this weekend!!  We can't wait.