Monday, October 16, 2017

A Day at the Beach

One of the perks of Maddie's competitive gymnastics is long weekends at some really fun places.  Her meet last week was in Mobile, so I stayed in Gulf Shores with the babies, and Lindsey and Josh stayed in Fort Morgan.  Let me explain this, Pop and I had planned to take the camper for the little ones, but Papa has been sick, so Pop couldn't make the trip.  We then went to plan B, and I got a hotel room.  We had an awesome trip!  It was hard to believe it was the middle of October.  The first day we stayed at the beach in Fort Morgan, but these pictures are from our day at Orange Beach.  It was simply a perfect day!  Mid-eighties, light breeze, crystal clear water and three precious ones and their parents! We heard rumors of a Shrimp Festival, but we didn't venture there!

There are no words!!  Loves these little ones so very, very much!

Gymnastics on the beach was a big hit!  She is so much like her mom was when Lindsey was little!  She is the happiest when she is on her head or upside down!

Just chilling!
And back to gymnastics!!

And then back to playing!  I love how they love each other!
This one is going to be quite the gymnast, too! 

I'm telling you-it never ends!!!
Josh and Maddie built a bridge that held water in this pond.  It provided hours of fun for these kiddos.

There's little chance of Reed going under with those rings!

Love this little dancer!

I'm already to go back!

Next up, a ferry ride and a little gymnastics!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Once a Time Upon

Reed loves to "read" books to you now, and he always begins with "once a time upon" which is the cutest thing I've ever heard. His awesome teacher posts the cutest pictures all the time, and I just thought I would share a few!

Future Rock Star!!


Had a great fall!!

Visit to the park with Nana!

Love this cute little stinker!!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Pumpkin Patch

Pop and I loaded up and left home at 3:45 one morning earlier this week.  We were headed to the pumpkin patch with Reed in Lafayette, which is very close to the Georgia line.  We have enjoyed these pumpkin patch visits for several years now!  Petting animals, grinding corn, jumpers, hayrides, and finding the perfect pumpkin all mean fall is here!  These memories just can't be beat!

Picture time before we hit the pumpkin patch.  Last year, Lillian walked almost every inch of the HUGE patch.  I am happy to say that Reed found 3 perfect pumpkins much quicker!

Hello there Mr. Jack o Lantern!

Another truck and more pictures!
Grinding corn with Pop! 

He loved the super high slide after checking it out!  He wasn't too sure about it at first.  He eyed it closely, before finally heading down! Once he went down once, he was hooked!


Forward, backwards and sideways!  He loved the jumpers!! 

Class photo and his sweet teacher-Mrs. Glenda!

I decided to do go back in time and share some of our previous pictures from our visits to the pumpkin patch with these cuties!  This is last year with Lillian!  I think this year's scarecrow is a tremendous improvement!  This dude is pretty scary looking!

This was taken in 2013.  Time truly does fly! It's hard to remember Lillian being this small!

2012- Maddie was three-Reed's age now!

2011 at Clanton-This one has always been adventurous-even at two!

Happy Fall!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

It's a Boy!

From the moment Caleb and Taylor told us they were expecting, I just knew it was a girl.  I never doubted it for one single minute.........So, when the blue smoke came out of the pumpkin, I couldn't have been more shocked!!  I truly would have been thrilled either way, but boy was I surprised!  They planned a wonderful reveal party that was enjoyed by friends and family alike!

Aren't they precious?  They will be the best parents!  Also, check out that adorable cake.  (Sandy McDaniel did an outstanding job!)

There were smiles and laughs.......

Sweet presents.........

Special moments........

Sweet siblings.........

Reed was running a fever, so he and Josh missed the fun, but these two had a ball!  Maddie was team blue, but Lillian was pink all the way!

Tristan was also there, but I sadly didn't get a picture of him. But, these sisters are precious!

Good food and even better fellowship!

He's no longer the last Marine!!!

Tailgate area.........

This baby will be so very loved!  He is going to be apart of two families that love each other so much!

And he and this little one will only be a year apart!  Won't they have fun growing up together?!

 Just a few more family shots! 

Sweet decorations!  I am hoping that Tammy got a picture of the whole area.....It was beautiful, but somehow I missed it!

This was taken the night before.  Carving courtesy of Pop!

And then the big reveal!!!

At this point, I am still hanging with the Pink Team!

 Still thinking pink.......

The color seemed to be changing, but I'm thinking that it's just the smoke.

And then this starts happening!!!

Simply could not believe it!!!

 Take it all in one day at a time and enjoy the journey! You will discover strengths you never knew you had.  Your love will grow stronger, and your hearts lots and lots bigger! What wonderful parents you will be!

 Now, we patiently wait until March!