Monday, March 20, 2017

Egg Hunt

We had our first egg hunt about a month before Easter.  It was so cold and yucky that we actually had a couple of hunts inside.  Luckily, it warmed up ever so slightly and Aunt Taylor and Uncle C came and hid the eggs a couple of times for these cuties!  As long as they have skittles in them, all is well!!

Dividing the eggs and plotting strategy!

Waiting somewhat patiently!!

Our Super hider!

And his trusty sidekick!

And they are off!!

Maddie had a rule that she had to stop after she found 10 eggs to let the little ones catch up.  This one caught on quickly and found quite a few!

She is an egg finding pro!!

Beau was a super helper!!

Lillian got a little help from Uncle C.

Aunt Taylor was also a great helper!  Those last couple of eggs are always hard to find!

What a crew!!! So much fun!

Sunday, March 19, 2017


For some reason, (and I honestly can't remember why), Maddie didn't join us on the adventure to the sandpiles.  It was Beau's first trip, and I think he enjoyed it more than the kids. This is always one of the most enjoyable things for the kids to do!  Please ignore the semi-blurry IPhone pics.

The higher the better! This sweet girl amazes me!  There was a time when I didn't think she'd be as adventurous as her sister, but she is steadily proving me wrong!! 

Boys will be boys!!  These two had a blast! What's better than playing in the sand?

Slip, sliding away!

It is amazing how much we have already grown to love this little guy!!

Taking a little break.......

Before they head down again!!

Everybody needs sandpiles to play on!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Birthday Boy

Josh turned the big 31 a few days ago, and we celebrated by cooking crawfish followed by cake and ice cream.  We love when all of our children and grandchildren are here.

Did I mention that it was a simply yucky day?  Cold, rainy and basically miserable!! We set up to eat outside, but had to move everything in to eat!  It was just too awful outside!

Aunt Taylor

We all joined in to wish Josh a Happy Birthday!

The Birthday Boy!

Uncle C and Lillian

Lindsey and Reed

Sweet Lillian!

And Sweet Maddie!

Daddy's girls!!

I think this is his Happy Birthday look!!

Opening his gift!

For the record, I had shrimp.  But all of this but a handful were eaten.

Checking out this little critter!!

Beau heard there was food and a party!!

Happy, happy Birthday!!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Trees and Wrestling

We had a quick but fun visit with these three cuties!  We actually did not do anything special, yet it was a very special visit!  I've learned that the simplest moments with these three make the best memories, and I'm all about making memories!

A little wrestling with a little gymnastics thrown in for fun!  Lillian grabbed my phone and enjoyed a little game time under a tree during this match!

 And this one is getting way too daring in this tree!!  She just keeps easing up higher and higher, and I don't like it one bit!!!  Pop is always near, and I am too!  The difference is I am telling her not to go any higher and to hold on tight!

The picture in the middle gives a pretty realistic picture of just how high she is!!  The problem is that this tree is really, really tall!  I have assured her that she has already gone as high as her mom, but I don't think she believes me!! Her goal seems to be to go higher than her mom when she was little! I think it may be time to chop this one down!!

Another highlight of this visit was playing in the dog kennel! And for the record, Lillian is still handing tight on the bottom limb!!

Smile for me Reed!!

And Beau is growing and loves the kiddos!!

Thumbs up to a great visit!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Cousin Time

Papa had not seen Riley is quite a while, so Christie brought her over for a visit!  We loved having them both.  There's nothing quite like spending time with cousins, and our three were thrilled to see her and play with her.  By the time they left, the kids weren't just cousins-they were friends!  We can't wait until our next visit.

It was a beautiful day outside, so there was lots and lots of tractor rides and even a little hide and seek in the Ranger..
They all took turns driving!  Riley was a little quiet at first, but soon she was all smiles and having a ball!

Aunt Sandra brought push ups, and they were a big hit!!

These two are 6 weeks apart!  I may be just a little partial, but aren't they just precious!

Time for a little ride on the Ranger!

Holding hands makes swinging even more fun!  Maddie is awesome with the little ones!

Lillian loved getting some snuggle time with Aunt Sandra!

Now a little fun on the gator!

Sweet, sweet girls!

The little guy is pretty sweet, too!  

Papa and Riley

And Christie!

What a doll!!

 More rides!

Be still my heart!

Hurry Back!!